The organizing committee of the 2019 PREO-IRC welcomes researchers/educators/authors/researcher scholars/participants from different academic institutions and professional organizations from various countries to participate in the 2019 PREO INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH CONFERENCE.


     PREO is a non-stock, non-profit professional research organization, founded in the province of Pampanga, Philippines, with a global perspective of helping member-researchers and scholars to access international research platforms.



     PREO envisions to be the leading catalyst of higher education research development in the province of Pampanga and beyond.



     To spearhead the development of higher education research in the province of Pampanga in particular, with the aim of networking with other research organizations in the global community in general.



     The tremendous changes in the landscape of the industries, government, and the academe necessitate for more thorough and timely research works that will benefit individuals and the society in general. With the continuous evolution of technology, the need for quality and responsive research studies is an imperative. With the various problems in the society, people in the academe must take part in providing solutions to these ills to better the living standards of the people.


     The Don Honorio Ventura State University (commonly referred to as DHVSU) is a state university in Bacolor, Pampanga, Philippines. It was established in 1861 and it is considered as the oldest vocational school in Far East Asia. By virtue of RA 11169, it was elevated into a comprehensive state university.


DHVSU is a Center of Development in Teacher Education and it offers graduate programs along this field of discipline. Further, it has produced topnotchers in various licensure examinations.


DHVSU offers courses in Engineering and Architecture, Education, Business, IT Education, Hospitality Management, Social Sciences & Philosophy, Arts & Sciences, and Industrial Technology. Currently, it has four satellite campuses located in Porac, Mexico, Santo Tomas and Lubao in the province of Pampanga.


In partnership with Don Honorio Ventura State University

Theme: Humanizing Pedagogical Practices Through Borderless Education and Open Science: The Key to Knowledge Development and Collaboration

May 24 – 26, 2019

Venue: DHVSU Main Campus, Cabambangan, Villa de Bacolor, Pampanga, Philippines, 2001


      In such endeavor, humanizing pedagogical studies through borderless education and open science must be adhered in providing for novel solutions to the complexity of individual and societal issues. The need for collaboration and alliance between and among different disciplines to generate new knowledge is the ultimate key to address various societal dilemmas. Gone are the days when solutions are generated only by a specific discipline. Today, complex problems need various perspectives.

      The 2019 PREO-IRC aims to be an avenue to present the research works of educators and scholars both in the Basic Education and Higher Education. This academic event is an excellent setting to network and collaborate with other scholars from different disciplines and from different parts of the world. The ultimate goal of this conference is to enrich the research culture among academic institutions in the Philippines and to be updated with the recent developments in research.


     The 2019 PREO-IRC is accepting research papers for presentations in Education and Pedagogy, and Social Science and Humanities along  the following topics and other related disciplines:

- Adult Education and Lifelong Training

- Comparative and International Education

- Curriculum Studies and Development

- Educational Systems and Policies

- Educational Administration and Leadership

- Information and Communications Technology in Education

- Linguistics and Language Education

- Educational Psychology

- E-Learning and Blended Learning

- Distance, Transnational, and Innovative Education

- Education, Development, and Society

- Gender Education

- Quality Classroom Management, Methods, and Styles of Teaching

- Philosophy of Education

- Race, Ethnicity, and Education

- Ethics in Education

- Measurement and Evaluation

- Vocational Education and Training

- Faculty Evaluation, Training, and Development

- Rural Education Development

- Research and Development in Education

- Psychology

- Mass Communication

- Literature and Language

- Arts and Culture

- Sociology

- Music

- Anthropology

- Political Science

- History

- Philosophy

- Economics

- Criminal Justice

- Hospitality, Tourism, Business, and Management

- Information Technology, Engineering & Architecture

- Health Science & Medical Science

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